Book of Hours Mods

A Brief History

In August 2023, the creators of Cultist Simulator released a new game. Titled "Book of Hours", it... wasn't great. On launch, it was a buggy mess missing critical features. Nowadays, most of the bugs have been fixed, and new features have been added, but I'm still not a fan of the game- the quantity-over-quality approach in this game is repulsive to me (but this isn't a game review website, so I'll leave it at that). Nevertheless, I'm active in the Cultist Simulator community, which naturally includes Book of Hours discussion, and I still make mods for it. Notably, this game does not include mod support- so these require workarounds to load.

On launch day, within a few hours of launch, I'd ported my joke Cultist Simulator mod that uwuifies all game text to Book of Hours. The first patch immediately broke the mod, and I scrapped the project after that because of how unstable the game was, but officially the first Book of Hours mod was my uwu joke mod. After that, I ported The Wheel (which is much more stable) and made a framework for creating custom Origins. To my knowledge, nobody has actually used that framework yet, but it exists anyway. Maybe someday it'll come in handy.