About Me

Who I Am

Hi, I'm KatTheFox, also known as Katrina or Lilith, which are usually shortened to Kat and Lily respectively. I'm a programmer mainly, although I also dabble in myriad other things.

What I Do

Mostly, I make mods for games that catch my interest. I also develop several discord bots (one for a specific community, and one general purpose "kitchen sink" bot) and make tools for anything that inconveniences me and catches my interest. If any of that interests you, feel free to look around the site and/or my GitHub profile, where I keep most of my projects. This site will have links to the ones I deem "presentable" enough, but more of the miscellaneous random stuff will be in smaller repos.

Where You Can Find Me

I'm most active on Discord (same username), although I don't have a public server. I'm also on Fedi and Steam (where many of my mods are hosted).